This Tuesday Feb. 19…support BAC

Good day wonderful Sustainable Cobourg supporters! This Tuesday will be your opportunity to hear what those mighty cyclists see as moving Cobourg beyond BRONZE! Remember, this Sustainable Cobourg Committee, chaired by Winston Emery, worked  with the Town to deal with safe cycling and it helped the Town receive the designation of a  “Bicycle Friendly Community, Bronze Level”, in 2018.

This is especially important as we really want as many cyclists, young and not so young to feel safe and comfortable riding around our beautiful town. We need this infrastructure so we can bike over to do our shopping, (check out the new greengrocer we’ve all been longing for downtown…Market& Smor), or go for a coffee, or hang out at a Council meeting, or visit a friend. We hope to influence the pathways that will connect the west to the east and the north to the south. We’ve done a lot, (most recently lobbying for the Elgin St. multi-use trail so cyclists don’t have to worry about right-turning cars going into the mall!). Lots more to do. We know its good for our health both physical and mental and we absolutely know its part of the solution for reducing Greenhouse Gases! Sooo, if you want to get involved with this really awesome group let me know.

So, Tuesday February 19 at 6:00 (cause they changed the time of Council from 4:00 to 6:00p.m. so more people who are working can participate)

Keep in touch.

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OOPS:Here’s the info you need for SC’s AGM

VENUE: HTM BUILDING, 1185 Elgin St. W. Cobourg ON K9A 4K5

DOORS OPEN:  6:30 p.m. Meet and Greet

PRESENTATION: 7:00 p.m. – Heather Varner of MASS ENVIRONMENTAL, Cobourg

SC’s AGM: 7:45 p.m. (Agenda)



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Join Us for Our AGM us and learn what Sustainable Cobourg has done this past year and  make your ideas heard as members. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with our newest members such as our Deputy Mayor Suzanne Sequin and Council member Adam Bureau and learn about one of our Corporate Partners, MASS Enviro.  Find out how to get involved in our upcoming projects and don’t forget to renew your membership.

As we have expanded we are looking for volunteers to help with routine tasks. The amount of time you can contribute is totally up to you. We appreciate your support.

It will be a celebration so we hope you will come and share in our catered offering from Ketch’s Korner. Chat, mingle, nibble and help us celebrate our successes in bringing an understanding and commitment to developing a culture of sustainability in Cobourg.

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Bicycle Action Committee Questions to Candidates

The following questions were sent to each candidate running in the 2018 Cobourg Municipal Election along with some background information about the Bicycle Action Committee (BAC), Cobourg’s Cycling Infrastructure, and Proposed Routes.

  1. To what extent do you personally support our rationale and goals for the improvement of cycling infrastructure over the next term? Please explain why.
  2. If elected, will you act to implement both the proposed cycling routes and the priorities for completion? If not, please explain why.
  3. In order to achieve the goals outlined in our document, the annual budget allocation ($20,000 ) will have to increase over the next four years. Will you support the continuance of this budgetary item and raise it to at least $25,000/yr. over the period of the mandate?

Click here to read the candidates’ responses to the three questions.

Also, dont forget that tonight (October 12th) is Sustainable Cobourg’s All Candidates Forum at the Venture 13 Innovation Centre located at 739 D’Arcy St (across from the CCC). Doors open at 6:30pm, with the forum starting at 7:00pm.

We hope to see you there.



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Catch up Time!

Greetings and Happy New Year wonderful members of Sustainable Cobourg!

SOOO much has been going on since our awesome AGM! So first of all, thank you to all of you who were able to attend and help us celebrate our 10th, yes….10th Anniversary. Ketch’s Korner really impressed us with their fabulous array of tasty treats and it was so beautifully presented.

We’ll have the minutes of the AGM available in a few weeks. That brings me to rolling out the exciting news for 2019. First and foremost is the Town’s and our Mayor and CAO’s commitment to creating and sharing the cost for a Sustainability Officer! This person will be shared between Northumberland County and the Town of Cobourg. Of course we are all over this and have already interviewed the Mayor about his concept of how this position will work. So if any of you are interested in how this develops please join our Town Hall Committee of which I am presently the chair.

Secondly we were thrilled to be invited to co-host the “Fireside Chat on Sustainability” at Venture 13 last Thursday January 24th. The moderator, our own, Jayne Finn,  (Vice President), moved the conversation along expertly and really engaged the public. Outstanding panelists were Nicole Beatty a new councillor and well known for her work with community organizations and events like ‘Cultivate’, Tony Armstrong of Headwaters Farm, and Juliette Deal our newest member and waste management expert. She, by the way, will be chairing our Food Action Committee…food=compost, right. Her knowledge and background are very impressive and we hope to support Northumberland’s implementation of ‘composting’ in September through Dan Orr who worked miracles with regards to WASTE at the Rib Fest with the collaboration of Rotary. If any of you are interested in joining her committee please let me know.

If you got last Thursday’s paper (how lucky are we to still get one!) the very first page is ‘Town of Cobourg NEWS’ . There you will find the ‘open to the public’ events that you can participate in and this is a great opportunity to watch your new councillors and the TEAM in action and contribute your point of view as a citizen.

Of course Sustainable Cobourg will be making several Delegations and if you are interested please contact me and I’ll fill you in.

Speaking of Delegations, our hats are off to our friends and colleagues at Blue Dot. Faye McFarlane lead the troops to confront so many municipalities about the environmentally destructive ‘Schedule 10’ of Bill 66 which had already gone through First Reading on December 6th! I sat in support when she presented to Hamilton Township and was so encouraged to hear the positive responses from their Council. Well when the Premier rescinded that part of the Bill we knew the real meaning of ‘government for the people’.

Lastly, if you are interested in working with Jayne on our ‘Student Sustainability Champions’ award please let her know. This is the award for student projects to demonstrate innovative ways to redefine ‘WASTE’ so it isn’t! Our amazing presenter, Liz Benneian, Executive Director and Manager, Environmental Education at Ontariogreen, helped with our kick-off last September with a number of High Schools and elementary schools. You can check out the report in our last Newsletter ‘Now@SC” from our website.

And speaking of students….we have our first ever Student Director ! She is Emma Zolty and is a true environmental champion.

Always interested in your thoughts and issues…so don’t be a stranger and PLEEESE don’t forget to renew your membership.

Thanks, and Blessings to you and yours,


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See YOU Tomorrow!

So, tomorrow Friday November 2, 2018 is our Annual General Meeting where your presence is greatly appreciated. It starts at 6:30 for a ‘Meet and Greet’ and some nibbles from Ketch’s Kitchen. Its also a celebration of our TENTH year! So do come and help us celebrate. Then the Presentation by MASS ENVIRO’s Heather Varner starts at 7:00. Since our focus for this year and next is on WASTE we thought you should know about this amazing Company. During the AGM portion which starts at 7:45 p.m. we will inform you of what’s been happening with the Committees and what plans are for the next year. Most importantly its TIME TO RENEW! We also have some voting to do for a number of positions. So do come and nominate someone or yourself!! We really appreciate your support and we could not do what we do without you.

1185 ELGIN ST. WEST, Cobourg ON. HTM Insurance Building

We are really looking forward to seeing you and hearing your ideas. 66d14f85f2c8e8542e6dfa5f9ec0c99b.png


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