Meet The Board

Gudrun “Gigi” Ludorf-Weaver
President / Town Hall Committee Chair

Gudrun came to Cobourg in 2005 from Toronto. Originally from Heidelberg, Germany, she arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in 1950/51 with her family, when she was four. Educated at Blythwood Elementary School, North Toronto Collegiate, and Toronto Teachers’ College, Gudrun continued her education by achieving a Master’s degree from O.I.S.E., and was accepted into a Doctorate program at the University of Toronto.  She declined an opportunity to attend The Julliard School of Music in New York as a teenager.

After a forty-three year career in education, having worn many hats, from classroom teacher, to specialty teacher in music, art, drama, special education, French, English second language, swimming, physical education, to workshop leader, editor/writer, and finally as administrator, she decided it was time for a change.

Having been involved in establishing a community organization in Toronto called “Urban Harvest”, Gudrun witnessed first-hand the power of community. With that experience, she felt she could contribute to the newly formed Citizens for a Sustainable Cobourg. This was a wonderful group of enthusiastic Cobourgians who wanted to play an active role in helping to shape Cobourg as a sustainable community. After her return from teaching in China in 2009, Gudrun made a commitment to work with both Sustainable Cobourg and its sister organization, Go Green Together under Judy Smith-Torrie.

Gudrun’s three children are all in Toronto and enjoy visiting this lovely place by the lake with their own children.

Jayne Finn
Vice President

Jayne Finn has not owned a car in over 30 years, although she can be seen driving her partner’s vehicle. Her favourite modes of transportation are bicycle and sailboat. She is the art director for Lake Simcoe Living Magazine which has twice been the Lake Simcoe Regional Conservation Association Media Award winner.

Jayne has lived in Cobourg since 2006 and became a member of Sustainable Cobourg 2 years later.

Susan Nakamichi

Susan is very interested in Sustainable Cobourg’s evolution and the various activities of local citizens with shared concerns about the detrimental impact of increasing pollution, and how we can plan for a more viable future. Despite having no related work or education background regarding the issues, Susan has been trying to learn more about some of the problems and solutions in other communities, which could be of use. Susan is glad to contribute what she can to provide information and alternatives, and to make them accessible in the local community. In particular, Susan wants to support efforts to encourage reduction, reuse and recycling, and discourage waste and pollution.

Ellen Abramczyk

Conscripted by her father to leave high school for a year to build the family home, Ellen used that experience to springboard into the residential design profession. Born in Toronto, Ellen moved with husband and kids to Grafton in 1995 to build her own place. Ten years on she began to focus on designing homes of superior energy efficiency beyond what the Ontario Building Code requires. This drive to make a difference within the building community led Ellen to acquire the expertise necessary to earn the qualification of “Certified Passive House Designer” from the Passive House Institute (Germany, Dr. Wolfgang Feist). Her current ambition is to see the green building movement take off in Cobourg and Northumberland County. This work is in step with the philosophy she shares with Ghandi, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Winston Emery
Bicycle Action Committee Chair

I’ve been cycling since my youth in Montreal. I rode everywhere in the city in the 1950s – even had a telegram delivery job! I’m a great fan of the Reseau Vert, which I used regularly, and would love to have a network like that around here.

By profession, I’m a teacher (and a teacher of teachers) but I’ve done all kinds of work: factory, sales, television producer, part-time mechanic; but, more important, I’m husband to a wonderful partner, and proud father and grandfather.

I sing, play, act, read, and love creations of all kinds, and am curious. I think and I write some.

Food Action Committee Chair

Position currently vacant.

Judy Smith-Torrie
Eco Action Committee Chair

Judy Smith has been an environmental consultant for thirty years and is co-founder of Torrie Smith Associates specializing in energy, climate change and environmental assessment. She was a Member of the Joint Environmental Advisory Committee for Environment Canada and Statistics Canada that produced the first and only complete State of the Environment Report for Canada. Judy Smith also conceived and managed a research team of eight environmental specialists to conduct a cumulative environmental impact assessment study of Ontario Hydro’s Balance of Power Plan for the Ontario Environmental Assessment Review Hearings.

Drew Johnson
Director of Media and Communications

Drew was born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario. He then lived in Markham, Belleville, Cobourg, North York, P.E.I. and Peterborough before returning to Cobourg. Drew’s first passion was for Television Broadcasting, where he worked for 15 years. He switched gears in 2007, when he decided to go back to school for Architectural Technology, with the hopes of playing a role in the green building movement. Drew currently operates a drafting business out of his home office.

Drew has always been passionate about finding ways to lower his ecological footprint and believes in teaching by example. He joined Sustainable Cobourg in 2013 as a way to meet like-minded individuals and to help make positive change in his community.

In his spare time Drew enjoys music, volleyball and spending time with his family. He is also a volunteer mechanic at Cycle Transitions.

2 Responses to Meet The Board

  1. Sean says:

    We are on the verge of an EV revolution. The catalyst will be the Tesla model 3 released next month in California and here in the summer of 2018. Many Ontario towns have received free level 2 and level 3(fast) chargers from the Ontario government CCAP grants. L2 chargers are good for parking lots(3-4 hr charge). L3 chargers are good for traveling when you need a charge in 30min. Let’s make sure Cobourg gets in on the next round in 2017. There is a noticeable void of chargers not installed in Northumberland and Durham regions. The attached link shows a map of Ontario and the charger locations. EVs emit zero air pollution and zero carbon emissions. Ontario electricity is extremely clean with near zero carbon emissions at times (95% clean). Let’s support EVs in Cobourg and submit to receive and install free chargers. Chargers attract EV tourists.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. scpresident says:

    Sean, good to meet you at the Farmers’ Market! You are absolutely right! I will pass this along to the Town’s Planning and Sustainability Dept. How about joining Sustainable Cobourg? You can make a real difference.


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