Bicycle Action Committee’s Policies and Plans

Recently, Sustainable Cobourg’s Bicycle Action Committee released its Policies and Plans for the future:

BAC Priorities and Plans
Approved May 15 2017

Role of BAC: Our primary role is Advocacy, including researchpromotion, watchdog. We appreciate the positive collaboration of the Town of Cobourg towards building cycling infrastructure. However, there remains much to be done to achieve a cycling culture and adequate cycling infrastructure. We urge Council to make on-going regular consultation with the cycling community a priority, especially when developing/changing transportation and recreation infrastructure. There is significant expertise within the cycling community to initiate policy and projects that would benefit the Town.

Policy Initiatives:

a) Safety and education:
▪ Speed reductions @ schools and other public venues where there is significant cycling and pedestrian traffic;
▪ Creation and maintenance of trails, Bikeways and roads to accommodate cyclists safely;
▪ Winter maintenance;
▪ Development and Promotion of safe cycling policies;
▪ Cycling education for students, parents, seniors through community programs;
▪ Updating of best practices in safety and education.

b) Infrastructure:
▪ Improving standards for design/building of Bikeways, see for eg. Ontario Traffic Manual, Book 18; TORONTO MULTI-USE TRAIL DESIGN GUIDELINES-December
▪ Create bike lanes at least 2 metres wide;
▪ Use of boulevards for multi-use trails;
▪ Build complete streets (see Pilot Studies in Bikeway Design);
▪ Culture change in the planning and (re)building of trails, roadways/streets: There is a prevailing ideology built on cars and trucks, which causes planners to “forget” about or downplay cycling. This has to change;
▪ Creation of links to and between public venues, especially schools, parks, civic buildings;
▪ development of local business support for cycling: e.g. providing bike parking, encouraging bike lanes/tracks to their locations.

Infrastructure (including signs, maps, information): Vis. Master Cycling Plan Doc.

  1. Trails:
    ◦ Kerr Trail:
    ▪ Resurface – D’Arcy to Brook N.;
    ▪ Re-route/resurface – Division to D’Arcy;
    ▪ Construction – Division to Ontario;
    ▪ Ontario to William;
    ▪ William to Burnham;
    ▪ Rogers Rd to New Amherst Blvd;
    ▪ Brook N. to Workman.
    ◦ Cobourg Creek (Cycling Spine – see Master Plan):
    ▪ Elgin -William;
    ▪ William to lake.
    ◦ Abbott (west side) from Lakeshore to King
    ◦ Lakeshore (southside) through to Lucas Point
    ◦ Coverdale from Lakeshore to Coverdale Park
    ◦ Pebble Beach to New Amherst Blvd (Waterfront Trail)
  2. Road Diets:
    ▪ Research on Division;
    ▪ William St. study and design;
    ▪ University.
  3. Bike lanes:
    ▪ D’Arcy (incl. removal of street parking);
    ▪ Division south of University.
  4. Connectors:
    ▪ Division from Elgin to Sobeys;
    ▪ Elgin from east of Ontario to YMCA;
    ▪ Kerr trail to CCC/Legion fields;
    ▪ Donegan Park to CCI and Gummow school via Abbott/Cottesmore;
    ▪ Terry Fox school to YMCA via conservation area.
  5.  Bike Parking: parks /civic venues/commercial:
    ▪ New Sobeys Supermarket.
  6. Cycling safety education – Can Bike Instruction move to municipal responsibility (under Parks and Recreation).
  7. Pilot studies in Bikeway design?
    ▪ Experiments with bike tracks (lanes separated from the roadway);
    ▪ complete streets e.g. Kerr;
    ▪ coloured lanes;
    ▪ specialized signaling.

For a PDF copy of these Policies and Plans, click below:

BAC Proposals for the future

Your feedback is welcome. Please use the ‘Leave a comment’ field below.

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Welcome to Sustainable Cobourg!

Latest news…

Read our latest blog post, ‘A Sobering Crisis’ here

We are sad to announce that we no longer have our space at 739 D’Arcy Street in Cobourg. Read more here

We are still looking for someone to take on the role as Secretary. Click here if you are interested in joining our board.

Our office…

We are currently without a physical location and would welcome any suggestions for a new office. In the meantime, if you need to get a hold of us please send an email to

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We have a new Treasurer!

She is Ellen Abramczyk. We are delighted to have Ellen on our Team. She shares our energy and passion for promoting awareness of and creating a culture of sustainability in Cobourg and its environs! She is amazing. She knows her stuff about building and designing homes in sustainable ways and is happy to share her knowledge. Read her bio here

Jayne Finn, our previous treasurer is ‘gone sailing’ with Mike up in Newfoundland and gives us updates which she shares on our Facebook Page. So check it out.


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How about helping at the Farmers’ Market?

Sustainable Cobourg has a community table at the Farmers’ Market for July 1 and we need volunteers to be there to spread the word about what we do, provide membership forms and membership cards for those who have joined, and just generally be a presence! It should be a fun time! Start is around 8:30 a.m. and end is 1:00 p.m. Let me know; 905-269-9355. Big Thanks, Gigi

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Welcome to our Corporate Members

We are delighted to welcome MASS Environmental as well as Cycle Transitions to our organization.

MASS Environmental is new in Cobourg and after Jayne and I met with them we were so impressed that they shared our passion for sustainability. Since Sustainable Cobourg will be focusing on  promoting the concept of Zero Waste (Bill 151) they are the perfect Corporate members to help us in this campaign. They will be the presenters at our October AGM so don’t miss it!

Cycle Transitions has been around for about 5 years and we know this because they are our neighbours at 739 D’Arcy! They are very familiar faces as many have been and some still are members of our Bicycle Action Committee. We couldn’t be happier to have them next door providing support, advice and skills in bicycle maintenance. They make Active Transportation through safe cycling accessible to anybody who has an interest. And buying a reconditioned bike helps divert from landfill and is MUCH less expensive than buying from a sports shop. Plus their Tee shirts and water bottles are really cool.

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Beer Companies Ahead of the Field

It is encouraging to see more and more people and businesses, each in their own way, making efforts to decrease their carbon footprints.

Last week the Toronto Star carried a half page article about three Ontario-based beer companies that are trying to ‘go green’–not in colour or taste, but in production changes.

  • Steam Whistle, across from the CN Tower in Toronto, uses alternative energy provider Bullfrog for all of its electricity and cooling system, uses biodiesel in its delivery vans, and uses bottles which can be reused up to 45 times. Three brownie (greenie?) points.
  • Beau’s All Natural Brewing, in Vankleek Hill east of Ottawa, also uses Bullfrog Power, and recycled paper for labels, posters, etc., as well as all organic ingredients in its Kolsch type Lug-Tread Lagered Ale.
  • Cowbell Brewing is in the process of moving from Toronto to a new facility in Blyth, which will be the first carbon-neutral brewery in North America ! They already reforested the property and will have a closed loop system for the water used. And that is significant, since most craft breweries use double the 4 litres of water that major breweries use per litre of beer– a fraction of the total tally of 300 litres of water per litre of beer from farm to factory to store. Water quality is key to the taste we enjoy with beer and other beverages. And both quality and quantity need to be protected.

So, as usual, we have choices. We can applaud and support businesses trying to do better, and we encourage more to appreciate the opportunity to respect the environment and do their part. Water and other resources are not, after all, limitless. We need to figure out how to live within our means, not just on an individual level, but considering the cumulative impact of our consumption. Cheers !

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