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EVS Newsletter – January 2024

EV Society Canada Talks EVs webinar

On Jan 2, 2024 our guest speaker was Kenneth Bokor
from EV Revolution Show

 Ken shared his unique perspective of the Canadian & Global EV landscape
and what we can expect for the coming year.
Details and the link to his presentation are available below.

EV Society Ontario Chapter meetings
Wednesday January 17th at 7:00pm our guest speaker will be Rob Morvillo, President of Ramco Electric. He will be talking about Ramco’s transformation into the largest transit EV infrastructure contractor in Ontario, describing projects that they’ve implemented and the process of fleet electrification.

Details and link to register are below.
Register below to receive your meeting access information.

And a new feature for those looking for employment in the sustainability and electric vehicle industry.  A link to a special website/page hosted by Electric Autonomy.  See details below.

plus lots of other news about EVs locally, in Ontario and across Canada

EV Society Canada Talks EVs webinar – 7:30pm 1st Tue each month.  You are invited to join the EV Society. Visit

On Jan 2, 2024 the guest speaker was Kenneth Bokor creator, producer and host of the popular YouTube channel, “The EV Revolution Show“.  Kenneth is an active member of the Automobile Journalist Association of Canada and Automotive Press Association.  In addition, he is a long standing member of Electric Vehicle Society and leads the Caledon Chapter of EVS.  Ken shared his unique perspective of the Canadian & Global EV landscape and what we can expect for the coming year.
Follow this link to watch the archived video.

EV Society Ontario Chapter meetings – 7:00pm 3rd Wed each month…or check out  Topics covered in all EVS Ontario Chapter meetings include EV Industry Sales Report, EV News, Canada Talks EVs Webinar updates, plus time for Q&A with the guest speaker
and other participants.

Please join us on Wednesday January 17th at 7:00pm for an EV Society Online Meeting. Our guest speaker this month is Rob Morvillo, President of Ramco Electric. He will be talking about Ramco’s transformation into the largest transit EV infrastructure contractor in Ontario, projects that they’ve implemented and the process of fleet electrification.  Please know that all are welcome, feel free to bring a friend. You don’t have to own an EV to join the meeting. If you have any questions about EV ownership, this is a great opportunity to ask a room full of experienced owners, or simply sit back and take in the conversation.  Register here:

Looking for a new job in sustainability and electric vehicles?  Check out almost 3900 jobs now being posted by Electric Autonomy and supported by Electric Mobility Canada by clicking on the hyperlink in the heading.

Are you new to EVs and want an introductory “course” on them?  Understanding EVs – from Simply Science YouTube Series – here are 3 videos that provide an “Introduction” to EVs and other interesting topics.
Are all electric vehicles truly green? How reliable are they, really? How do you charge them? What’s the difference between an EV and a ZEV? Join Simply Science producer Joel Houle as he learns more about electric vehicles (EVs) and other zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) with his friend — and noted ZEV expert — Yves Madore. In the first episode of series, Yves takes Joel to a Transport Canada facility and shows him how ZEVs differ from conventional gas-powered vehicles. They look under the hood, go under the hoist and even get behind the wheel to take an EV out for a spin. Will Yves be brave enough to let Joel drive his car? Watch the video to find out!

In the second episode, Joel Houle learns about charging EVs.  How do you charge an electric vehicle? What are your options? How long does it take to charge? Is it safe? Join Simply Science producer Joel Houle as he learns more about electric vehicles (EVs) and other zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) with his friend — and noted ZEV expert — Yves Madore. In the second episode, Yves shows Joel everything there is to know about charging a ZEV. They check out a typical home charging station and look at different options available to consumers.

In the third espisode, What’s the true cost of owning a ZEV? Are they more or less expensive to operate over their lifespan compared with gas-powered vehicles? Are rebates available in Canada? Join Simply Science producer Joel Houle as he learns more about electric vehicles (EVs) and other zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs) with his friend — and noted ZEV expert — Yves Madore. In the third episode, Joel introduces Yves to his co-worker Lisa, who is shopping for a new car. Yves tries to steer Lisa toward a ZEV by taking a deep dive into the total cost of owning a ZEV over time, compared with a conventional gas powered vehicle. They crunch numbers, talk about available rebates and go for a test drive in a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Yves also answers some fascinating questions such as how cold weather affects ZEV performance.

Used EV sources – Don’t want to wait for a new EV?  Check out these sources for used EVs.
EV Net – Etiobicoke  also rents EVs
All EVs – NS, merged with Steele Auto Group.  Delivers to Ontario
Shift Motors, Oakville –
Auto Trader with EV filter –

EV Manufacturing news – Honda considering $18.4B electric vehicle and battery plant in Canada: media report.  

Charging infrastructure – List of OEM automakers announcing migration to Tesla’s NACS charging system
General Motors – June 8
Rivian – June 20
Volvo – June 27
Polestar – June 29
Mercedes-Benz – July 9
Nissan – July 19
Fisker – August 16
Honda/Acura – August 22
Jaguar (but not Land Rover) – September 21
Hyundai, Kia, and Genesis – October 5
BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce – October 17
Toyota and Lexus – October 20
Subaru – November 2
Lucid – November 6
Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, and Scout – December 19 ?
Holdout, so far, is Stelantis: Chrysler, Jeep etc.

Canada needs hundreds of thousands of public EV charging ports. Who is going to build them?  From CBC News – The lack of chargers across the country is a big concern for Brian Kingston, president and CEO of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association.   “We need significantly more public charging and multi-unit residential charging across this country if we’re going to get to 100 per cent electrification in 2035,” he said in an interview. Look at what Windsor is talking about.

Electrify Canada to start charging for energy (kWh) instead of time spent charging.  Electrify Canada announced today a new station-specific, kilowatt-hour (kWh) based pricing structure at charging stations nationwide. The new pricing structure will take effect on January 9, 2024.  The new kWh pricing will provide a more fair and transparent experience for electric vehicle (EV) drivers across Electrify Canada’s public DC fast charging network. Customers will be billed based on the energy used to charge their EV, eliminating time-based charges for energy. Electrify Canada’s new billing structure aligns to recent regulatory changes that now allow for energy-based pricing at applicable DC fast charging stations.

EV charging in Cobourg public parking lots – A team of volunteers continues to work with Town Council and Staff.    Maybe some will be available in time for summer?  Nothing new to report until February. 

Battery electric storage systems (BESS) –  As of Nov 10, 2023, Wind Concerns Ontario counts at least 30 Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) proposals throughout the province, ranging from South-west Ontario to Huron-Bruce and to Eastern Ontario and the Ottawa area.  The projects proposed range from under 10 megawatts to 350. The projects consist of lithium ion battery units, each of which is approximate in size to a shipping contained or transport truck trailer, and also include large cooling units, concrete pads, transmission lines and other infrastructure.

Pumped hydroelectric storage systems as back up for renewable generation sources – Pumped Hydro Accelerating Into Grid Storage Future.  An introduction to the technology of pumped hydroelectric storage, which OPG has been using at Niagara Fall pumped storage facility for decades (50yrs?).

And more recently (Jan 11/24) , some updates on the proposed pumped storage facility to be located near Meaford, ON (just west of Collingwood). Made-in-Ontario Pumped Storage will enhance Province’s energy supply mix.  TC Energy Corporation (TSX, NYSE: TRP) (TC Energy or the Company) announced today that it will continue to advance the Ontario Pumped Storage Project (Project) with its prospective partner Saugeen Ojibway Nation, and begin work with the Ministry of Energy (Ministry) and the Ontario Energy Board (OEB), to establish a potential long-term revenue framework for the Project. Further, TC Energy and Saugeen Ojibway Nation will assist with the Ministry’s evaluation of the Project’s broader societal and economic benefits.  

OPG upgrading existing hydroelectric stations to extend life and get more power from the same river.  Bird Construction Inc. announced that it has signed five new contracts with a combined value over $530 million.  The awarded contracts include a large manufacturing facility, the Kakabeka Falls Generating Station Life Extension Project, two contracts for large energy clients, and a 13-storey modular tower for BC Housing’s Permanent Supportive Housing Initiative.

Bird’s wholly owned subsidiary, Stuart Olson Industrial Constructors, has been contracted for the Kakabeka Falls Generating Station Life Extension Project by Ontario Power Generation in a 50/50 joint venture. This project aims to enhance the longevity and efficiency of the Kakabeka Falls Generating Station, situated on the Kaministiquia River near Thunder Bay. The station, comprising four hydroelectric generating units, will undergo upgrades to increase power output and extend its operational life, ensuring sustainable and reliable electricity generation for another 90 years.

Carbon Sequestration and energy storage – Nanofibers Pulled From Captured Carbon, With A Green Hydrogen Bonus.

Bi-directional charging (VtG/L/x) –  GM plans to offer bidirectional charging capability for every one of its Ultium EVs, the company underscored earlier this year. That will soon include a toolkit of useful features for interfacing with the home, like backing up the power during a blackout or natural disaster. As GM recently verified, there’s no need to wait to take delivery of an Ultium EV until then over concerns of compatibility.  All the physical hardware for bidirectional charging is being built into the 2024 Chevy Blazer EV from the start while the software to enable it will be in place next year. 

Canada announces EV 100% sales by 2035 – On Dec 19, 2023, Canada unveiled the framework for an EV mandate for 2035.  The mandate, known as the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard, will gradually step up the amount of “zero-emission vehicles” until they account for 100% of new-car sales in Canada. It stipulates 20% zero-emission vehicle sales in 2026, and 60% in 2030 before eliminating sales of conventional internal-combustion vehicles after 2035.

Global and Canadian sales in 2023 beat expectations – Turns out electric vehicle sales remained strong throughout 2023.  A look back on sales of electric cars shows that uptake remained vigorous throughout 2023 both in Canada and around the world.  Global purchases of battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids rose 20 per cent compared to a year ago, based on market research and reported on by Reuters. In November alone these electric vehicles (EVs) set a record, posting sales of 1.4 million units, up from 1.1 million in November 2022. 

EV Sales for Q4 2023 and annually – not quite available yet!  Stay tune for February.

EVs to Surpass ⅔ of Global Car Sales by 2030, Putting at Risk Nearly Half of Oil Demand.  RMI reports that battery cell prices fell to below US$100/kWh for the first time in summer 2023. This means EVs will become less expensive to make and cheaper to buy. When cell costs reach about US$80/kWh, EVs will be at retail price parity with internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Both Bloomberg and RMI (Rocky Mountain Institute) anticipate cost parity between EVs and gas cars by or before 2030. 

Green Car Reports Best Cars for 2024 – Once again, Green Car Reports is deciding which of this year’s new vehicles are cleanest, greenest, and best for treading lightly when thinking about the whole ownership experience. One of these will be named Green Car Reports Best Car To Buy 2024 on Jan. 3. To kick off the competition, we’ll explore each of these models in greater depth over the next couple of weeks.  Finalists  – Toyota Prius Prime PHEVHyundai Ioniq 6Kia EV9Nissan Ayria
And the winner is Kia EV9! The 2024 Kia EV9 fits the form that many households seek in a family vehicle, made fully electric but without a luxury price tag. That plus leadership in all aspects of charging make it Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy 2024.

Battery manufacturing, recycling & other manufacturing news –  China is leading the U.S. and Europe on EV battery recycling, according to a new Bloomberg report, and it may add to China’s EV advantages in the future.  The battery-recycling business in China is booming, according to the report, which cites data from consultancy Circular Energy Storage showing that “the nation dominates when it comes to preprocessing and materials recovery.”  Circular Energy Storage expects China to have nearly four times as many batteries to recycle by 2030 than it did in 2021.

Harvard Spinoff Lobs Solid State Battery Bomb At Fossil Fuels.  New energy storage technology is driving fossil fuels out of the global economy, and a Harvard University spinoff called Adden Energy has just added more fuel to the fire. Their new solid state battery can last for 6,000 cycles and take just 10 minutes to recharge, which is about the same amount of time as filling up a tank of gas.

EV Revolution reviews with Kenneth Bokor –Check out his YouTube channel for all his archived reviews

Other Battery Electric transportation –  This Takes The CAKE: Women Riders Complete US Cross-Country Ride On Electric Motorcycles.  The second stage of CAKE’s “Electric Conquest of Continents” has just been completed by a pair of riders who crossed the continental United States from NYC to California, with the distinction that it is the first “female” crossing of the US on electric motorcycles. With a mission to “conquer all continents” with electric motorcycles, the company has another parameter to adhere to, which is that the expeditions will be “led exclusively by women riders.”

Electric Autonomy  An excellent source for newsworthy items about EVs and the industry in Canada. They are my “go to” source for a lot of the content in this newsletter.  Headlines and articles are updated several times a week. Sign up for your own free subscription

Archived videos of past panel discussions and webinars.  Electric Autonomy makes available all their past video presentations, panel discussions and webinars at This resource is a motherload of information on topics related to EVs. –

Clean Air Partnership (CAP) – events and resources   

Clean Energy Review – views on “clean energy”.

CleanTechnica – for all things “clean technology”, such as solar, wind, geothermal, energy storage, smart grids, energy efficiency, EVs and more. Newsletters to subscribe too!

Follow the EV Society on Facebook –

David Kuhnke, Chapter Lead
EV Society – Northumberland


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