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EVS Newsletter – December 2023

Based on your feedback, I’m changing the format for the
EV Northumberland newsletter.

I’m making each issue shorter (using only half the material gathered each
month)and “publishing” it twice a month.
This is Part 2 for December.

Articles and events of interest to EV enthusiasts

EV Society Canada Talks Electric Cars Webinar – 1st Tue each month.
Click link in the to register.  

Do you or someone you know has or want to get an EV
but are not able to charge it because you/they
live in a condo or apartment?  Have them reply to this email.

EV Society Canada Talks EVs webinar – 7:30pm 1st Tue each month. Click link in the to register. You are encouraged to join the EV Society. Visit

Next meeting 7:30 Jan 3, 2023First Responders in the Age of EVsWhat can you expect when a first responder is called to an emergency involving an electric vehicle?  What should EV owners know about their cars that could assist a first responder in the event of an accident?  What is thermal runaway and how is it managed by new vehicle technology?

Our guest next month hails from London Ontario and comes to us with a unique background. Captain Mike Wakeam spent some 20 years as a technician for General Motors specializing in BEVs and HEVs and 4 years as a product trainer for GM technicians.  After years as a volunteer Firefighter, Mike has spent 15 years teaching ‘extrication training’ with a specialty in electric vehicles.  He has held the position of Captain at Strathroy-Caradoc Fire Department for the past 4 years.  Registration Link  to receive link to meeting.

If you missed past presentations, they are archived and can be viewed at

Consumer Report – EV 101 The answers to all your EV questions Dec 7, 2022
Consumer Reports charged the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Hyundai Ioniq 5, Tesla Model Y, and Volkswagen ID.4 at two DC Fast Chargering stations to see what drivers experience in real-world conditions.  Read their findings here. 

EV Charging National Discussion Series – [This series of discussions is worth repeating]  Starting in last month, Electric Autonomy hosted a series of panel discussions on the public electric vehicle charging experience.  The series looked at issues ranging from charger reliability, consistency and continuity in the user experience, access to charging in rentals and condos and building a smart grid to sustain and leverage EVs.
You are able to view the recorded panel discussions as industry experts and key stakeholders take a deep dives into the issues and opportunities facing the public EV charging experience in Canada.
Episode 1 – EV Charging Reliability
Episode 2 – Readying the Grid for EVs
Episode 3 – Simplifying the charging experience
Episode 4 – Democratizing EV Charging
Episode 5 – Charging EVs in Condos and MURBs

EV Charging Infrastructure – Quebec-based charging network operator FLO is supplying General Motors with 40,000 Level 2 chargers in the single largest order of electric vehicle chargers in North America to date.

One-fifth of all passenger cars, SUVs and trucks sold in Canada in 2026 will need to run on electricity under new regulations Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault is proposing Wednesday, Dec 21, 2022.

But…Canada electric-vehicle sales falling behind rest of the world
The Canadian Automobile Association lists 80 models of battery-electric vehicles with an average price of $82,000.  Brian Kingston, president of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturers’ Association, said the lack of public charging is holding back Canadian demand. Kingston said government rebates for EVs need to be higher. Canada offers up to $5,000 off the cost of EVs with a base price of no more than $55,000.

Quebec and British Columbia have provincial rebates that get layered on top of that, and advocates and experts say it’s no accident that those are also the provinces with the highest sales.  B.C., where almost one in six vehicles registered between January and June was electric, is the only jurisdiction in Canada exceeding the global sales mark of 13 per cent.  Quebec follows at 11.4 per cent but there is a big drop-off to third-place Ontario, where 5.5 per cent of new vehicle registrations between January and June were electric.  Ontario had a rebate until 2018, after which sales slowed.

To Accelerate The EV Shift, Prioritize Charging At Multifamily Buildings – With 80% of #EV charging completed at home, it is essential to provide at-home charging for those that do not have a parking space or garage to increase EV adoption.

Green Car Daily Report – Best EVs to buy in 2023 – Finalists and winner
Genesis GV60
Kia EV6
Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV
Ford 150 Lightning –  details here
Cadillac Lyriq –

Electric Muscle Cars? End of the era of ICE muscle cars?  Watch a 11min entertaining video

Bi-directional charging/Vehicle to Grid (V2G, VtL, Vtx). 
Vehicle-to-grid technology (V2G) offers the ability to take power from the grid when electricity is plentiful, cleanly made and cheap — usually at night — and store it in electric vehicle batteries.

Toyota is the latest automaker to work with an electrical utility on ways to use EVs to aid the grid. The automaker on Thursday announced a pilot project with Texas-based utility Oncor [in Texas] for vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology, which allows EVs to discharge power back into the grid. Other automakers and utilities have already expressed interest in V2G as a way to help smooth out swings in supply and demand, taking some strain off electricity-generating infrastructure.

Hydrogen & Alternative Fuels –  Honda announced in November that it is planning to use the latest CR-V crossover as the basis for its next hydrogen fuel cell vehicle—one that, for the first time, will include home-charging capability.  Production of the CR-V Fuel Cell—if Honda opts to keep the nomenclature it used for its last such vehicle using the tech, the Clarity Fuel Cell—will start in 2024 in Ohio, Honda confirmed, at the same specialty assembly facility that has made the Acura NSX sports car. 

Electric municipal vehicles – The City of Regina is tracking data from its new Ford F-150 Lightning to determine how to incorporate more electric vehicles into its fleet.

Electric Autonomy  An excellent source for newsworthy items about EVs and the industry in Canada.  Headlines and articles are updated several times a week. Sign up for your own free subscription. 

EV Revolution with Kenneth Bokor – EV reviews on YouTube
2022 F150 Lightning review –  Includes range, wait times for ordering.

EV Society Ontario Chapter meetings – 3rd Wed each month…or check out  December meeting – cancelled for Christmas.  Returns Jan 2023.

Clean Air Partnership (CAP) – events and resources

Clean Energy Review – –

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So far in 2022, Depave Paradise has depaved 15 asphalt pavements! Since 2012 this group has completed 80 projects across 32 Canadian cities covering 76,384 square metres of unused paved surfaces into beautiful community green spaces with native grasses, flowers and trees. What an amazing sustainable action to capture carbon, a Greenhouse gas, and create a welcoming ecological ‘paradise’ for our monarchs and bees and of course, for us. Well done. This is a project of Green Communities Canada.

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