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Congratulations to Randy

In the past couple of weeks there’s been one less person on Club rides….Randy Albon has been out of town in Dundas, Ontario immersing himself in the intensive Winterborne Bicycle Institute’s Professional Mechanics course (huge shout-out to Cycle Transitions for sponsoring him!). The course takes a meticulous methodical approach to bicycle repair, teaching the skills to repair bicycles for optimum function and safety. He learned wheel-building from a Master Wheel Technician and also gained a serious in-depth understanding of all major bicycle components, including frames, bearings, wheels, drive trains, brakes and shifting systems. He’s now well-versed (even more so than he already was!) in troubleshooting, repairing, and preventative maintenance!

He’s happy to share his training & knowledge with others, so feel free to pick his brain on rides—about those weird squeaks, the funny rumbles, or those unexplained chain skips—or maybe just for preventative maintenance advice on how to protect your investment! He’s happy to plan a few workshops if there’s interest—let him know what you’d like! You can also drop in an see him where he volunteers at Cycle Transitions.

Congratulations Randy, on a job well-done!


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