Happy Thanksgiving from Sustainable Cobourg

October 20, 2020|

Hey Sustainable Peeps hope you’re all doing well. So far so good on my end. Kind of weird thinking about Thanksgiving without the usual noise and action that accompanies little munchkins running around the house. Also will miss the [...]

Our Triple Bottom Line | Plastics For Change

June 2, 2020|

Imagine for a minute, a world where the balance among 'Planet, People, and Profit' as described by John Elkington almost 30 years ago, was a reality. A SUSTAINABLE WORLD! As a species, that balance needs to be our goal, if [...]

The Easter Monday Blues

April 13, 2020|

Hey Sustainable Peeps! It’s Easter Monday and I’m feeling blue. I’m sure it was a weird Easter and also possibly a weird Passover for some of you as it was for me. I missed having the grandkids and their parents [...]

Spring has sprung…sort of!

March 24, 2020|

Hey Sustainable Peeps! Hope you’re all doing well and weathering this ‘storm’ ! This pandemic is crushing to many and I, like you, am doing everything necessary to stay healthy. This may be a good time to check out the [...]

So much to do….

February 25, 2020|

Hey Sustainable Peeps, Happy Tuesday! Can you believe February is almost over? What a busy and exciting month for us at S.C.! We’re working to get our new website finished and we’re almost there thanks to Adam of Cats Media. [...]






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