The birds are back! The first day of Spring has come and gone and Easter has just passed. Time seems to be flying by. 

The unprecedented climate events of yesterday’s, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fires, droughts, horrific winds, power outages for millions, are no longer alarming realities. These historic climate events should be a call to action! There is a climate emergency happening and we are in it!

But what can we do? 

Take a breath. Know that the wheels of change move slowly. We are making progress. 

No more plastic shopping bags. No more plastic straws. Plastic is virtually being outlawed. We know that’s a good thing, a positive thing for the environment, and it helps mitigate climate change. 

“Plastic is one of the most persistent pollutants on Earth. It’s made to last-and it does, often 400 years or more. And at every step in its lifecycle, even long after it has been discarded, plastic creates greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to the warming world.”

It is made from fossil fuels! About 4% to 8% of all oil production is for manufacturing plastics and many/most are single use. Can you imagine how many are discarded? 

So there! We’re doing something to ‘Invest In Our Earth’. And that is this year’s theme for Earth Week. 

We’ve got events throughout the week starting with the Mayor’s Clean-Up challenge on Sunday April 16th. Come to Victoria Hall at 11:30 for the kickoff and then why not join our Youth Ambassador, Tovan Lew, at Peace Park at 12:30. 

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