If you are concerned about this measure to confiscate our Greenbelt for Profit!

We only have till tonight at 7:00 to let the Ford government know this is not going without a fight!

Also, hope to see many of you tomorrow at 11:00 am in front of Environment Minister David Puccini’s office at 155 Peter St. In Port Hope.

Let’s make some noise.

We have an opportunity to challenge the loathsome Bill 23 — Ford’s bill to rip up the Greenbelt and sell it off to the highest bidder, reduce affordable housing, and commit Ontario to decades of increased urban sprawl.

The bill is currently up for public comment — meaning the public (you!) has a short window to weigh in on its contents before it gets passed into law

We know Ford wants to push his Greenbelt-destroying bill through as quickly as possible — but we also know he and his MPPs will back down if the public backlash is fierce enough.

A huge flood of pressure now will show Ford that sneaking Bill 23 through isn’t an option — and could force them back to the drawing board just like it did the last time they tried to upend the Greenbelt.

But our plan will only work if we act fast — and that means Leadnow members like you need to take action, right now, to send a quick comment using our simple tool. Click here to do your part.