Sustainable Cobourg is so encouraged with the steps the Town has taken to move us into a Culture of Sustainability that not only protects the environment, but also our social, physical, cultural, and economic well-being for ourselves and for at least 7 generations beyond.

We are living in a globally critical time because of the effects of Climate Change, and that has been accepted as unequivocal. Cobourg, through its Sustainability and Climate Change Advisory Committee, has by its Declaration of a Climate Emergency in 2019, set a trajectory for the Town. However, unless there is a shared vision and commitment to changing unsustainable practices, actions, and beliefs, the way forward will be thwarted continually. All the declarations, resolutions and delegations will lead to little change if the critical mass to make those changes isn’t there!
That has been our challenge at Sustainable Cobourg.

Engagement of our citizens, their understanding of the issues, how their lifestyle choices impact our ability to either move forward and ‘save the world’ or ….not! that is the keystone to building this kind of a sustainable architecture.

Developing the ICSP has long been a goal of ours and we, as a volunteer organization, will work in whatever capacity we can to support its progress. But we need to work together, not as separate entities, not in SILOS!

We are aware of how other municipalities are working with their sustainable volunteer organizations as partners: such as Sustainable Kingston, Sustainable Peterborough, or Sustainable Orillia, and the successes they have had in impacting their constituents. We are hoping to emulate those by inviting a staff person and a member of the Council to be part of our Board of Directors.

I have already had conversations about this topic with the Deputy Mayor and hope to continue it with the new Council after October 24, 2022.
I am hopeful although I have found this journey to be daunting.

I am very impressed with the work of Jeff Robson and the Intelligent Futures team. Thank you Cobourg Council for moving us towards a sustainable future.