Hey Sustainable Peeps! It’s good to be back to almost normal, isn’t it?

The times we’re living in have been a great cause of concern for many of us. So much stress! I almost don’t want to read the news anymore. 

But, we at Sustainable Cobourg are a hopeful bunch and we are committed to demonstrating how sustainable living is achievable and even more necessary than it ever was.

In partnership with our Town we were able to get support for the Environmental Officer that worked for 2 years to facilitate various municipalities in looking at how they could develop their Climate Action Plans. The Environmental Officer, Judy Smith, completed our Climate Action Plan and you will find it on our website. We’re looking pretty good!

Our delegation a couple of years ago to highlight the environmental damage being created by the millions of used single use plastic water bottles, and our recommendation that the Town install water filling stations so people can use their reusable water bottles instead, was accepted. So the first one is now at the beach near the canteen. We know there will be more and maybe you have some ideas for other locations. Let us know.

Our EV Director, David Kuhnke, has been super busy and we’re hoping you’ll come to our tent during RibFest from August 12 to 14 at the waterfront to get information about EV’s as well as chatting with us about what else we’re up to.

We’re restarting the Sustainability Outreach Social so keep a lookout for that and put October 14 in your calendar for our Municipal All Candidates Forum. 

We really need you all and hope to see more volunteers because we have a ton of stuff we want to get done.

Check out our website: www.sustainablecobourg.ca.



We are the change!