Hey Sustainable Peeps! Welcome to 2022!

How are you? Do you feel like you’ve been on a rollercoaster for the past two years and your stomach is kinda queasy? I know exactly how you feel and so do all of us at Sustainable Cobourg.

We missed a lot of you at our Hybrid AGM on December 12, 2021 and we’re really sorry. Trying new methods can be trying! But the crisis that we’re all in has meant we had to try new ways of getting together. Unfortunately we had some technical and human snafus, so things didn’t go exactly as planned.

We’re still here so do reach out to us and don’t be shy. We love hearing your stories and ideas about how our community can do things more sustainably.

One member, who lives in a condo, gave us a cool contact for dealing with food waste because green bins are not available in condos and I’m not sure if they are in apartments either.

In the next SC NOW newsletter we’ll share that contact and also some volunteer opportunities (for when these latest restrictions are finished, of course). We’re hoping things settle down for Earth Week this year because our lineup last year was scuttled!

Keep smiling and know that every little thing you can do from reusable bags (I have 4 in my car) to buying from REKO when you can, to purchasing eco-friendly products and services , you are making a difference.