Hey Sustainable Peeps! 

Can you believe we’ve lived through this pandemic for a whole year! I sincerely hope you are all well and are finding whatever support you need.

Well, my support is that one of my daughters and her family, of course, has moved to Cobourg! What a joy it’s been to actually be, even though masked, with my grandkids. It’s like delicious medicine! We really need that, don’t we? We need connections, with each other and with nature! 

I’ve been trying to get out, but it’s been so cold and having been ill for so long, I don’t want to chance to get sick again. I’m sure that might resonate with some of you. I feel the sun getting stronger every day and the days getting longer. Never have those made me feel happier than during this COVID-dominated time.

So, knowing how much we’ve missed our connections to people and nature, the end is in sight. As restrictions ease and the burden of self-isolation slowly leaves our minds, Sustainable Cobourg wants to rekindle our connections to Mother Earth with several Earth Week events to show her some love.

Stay tuned! We’re preparing a press release, and we’ll also post it on our website and Facebook page. You can always contact me at 


Be well, you lovely, beautiful people and remember to check out our ‘Sustainability Tips’ on the Town of Cobourg’s website. 

If you have any pictures or tips that you use and would like to share, please contact Warren McCarthy at:


Thanks for all you do. You are the change!