Hey Sustainable Peeps!

Not sure about you, but I am ready to be done with self-isolation. It’s NOT fun! But I am thankful for technology like Zoom and FaceTime, and of course, the phone, all of which have made it at least bearable. Like many of you, I’m probably learning to use these tools for the first time. And honestly, where would we be without the internet? These have helped to keep us connected and slightly saner. Yet, it seems to me; it’s been getting harder to connect in other ways.

family members connecting virtually

Having to use more plastic bags at the grocery stores was an example of how we have, as a safety measure, become more removed from our role as environmental stewards and our connection to our incredible Mother Earth. That’s a problem.
So what I’ve done is gone to my local grocery store every Wednesday, and I give one of the cashiers a Toonie and ask that for the next eight customers who would use a plastic bag, they offer them one of the stores reusable bags instead. It’s not a big thing, but significant changes often come from little things, right?

plastic bag waste

What if all of us, who believe in creating a Culture of Sustainability and are frustrated by the lack of sustainable opportunities, start paying it forward? What if all you amazing sustainable peeps become an environmental steward in this or another unique way? Whether it be by doing the same thing at your grocery store or signing up for one of our Earth-Week 2021 Events, we all have the opportunity to encourage change in our community.

environmentally friendly shopping bags

Of course, I tell them it’s on behalf of Sustainable Cobourg and Neighbours, but you can just do it because you want to reduce the excessive amount of plastic this pandemic has necessitated. Your small contribution can make a big difference to our planet.  By being an environmental steward where we can and connecting to our planet, we are conscious of the impacts of choices on our society.  Understanding the impact of these choices on our economic resilience can all be achieved by this simple act of helping to create a culture of sustainability, and all for just two bucks! Imagine what we can accomplish together.

Be well, you lovely, kind, amazing people.