Hey Sustainable Peeps! Hope you’re all well and managing our bizarro reality!

So I’ve been mega-sick (don’t worry, NOT COVID-19) with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Not fun. But I’m feeling almost normal. And normal is feeling pretty fair.
Speaking of ‘normal’….seems like quite a bit is being written about ‘The New Normal.’ What do you make of that? If it means going back to ‘business as usual,’ then “no thanks”!

Thankfully our PM gave the Transportation Minister, among others, his marching orders to help create more affordable Electric Vehicles (EV’s) and more charging stations. That’s huge. The amount of Greenhouse Gases that will NOT be made is so significant. So if ‘new normal’ means more electric Vehicles, then I’m all for it. Could there be a TESLA in my future? Why the heck not? Or in yours!

So, I’d love to hear YOUR thoughts on what the ‘New Normal’ means on that subject. This is not an essay assignment ( you know I was an educator for 45 years), but just a little snippet of what you think the ‘new normal’ should be.
Phew, I don’t know about you, but I was not sad to say “bye bye” to 2020. As we travel through 2021 together, let’s keep in touch and follow as many of those Sustainability Tips as you can and let me know any others that help. You’ll find them on the town’s social media as well as in their monthly Hello Cobourg Newsletter. To view previous editions of the newsletter or subscribe, click here to visit the Town of Cobourg website.



You are all fantastic and wonderful and so kind. Be well, my friends.