Hey Sustainability Peeps, sure hope you’re all doing well in these bizarro times. Just wanted to give a shoutout to our local businesses who are struggling to stay afloat. It’s been hard times for them, and those times are not changing anytime soon.

When we talk about a culture of sustainability, one of the pillars for it to exist is economic resilience. That’s where we come in as a community.

Although the “BIG BOX” stores are an easy ‘go-to’ for many, and there are tons of online companies who seem to have incredible offers, we need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. This means making an effort to shop sustainably and give a little thought to where all plastic packaging will go and how much fossil fuel was used to get a product from A to B.

Remember, where you buy has a substantial chain-reaction effect.

It’s up to you and me to be the change.