Hey Sustainable Peeps hope you’re all doing well. So far so good on my end.

Kind of weird thinking about Thanksgiving without the usual noise and action that accompanies little munchkins running around the house. Also will miss the cooking advice and expertise of my daughter in law and my son and the incredible desserts. There’s usually someone tinkling on the piano and a game of hide and seek. Sadly not this year.

But I’m sure it will feel weird for a lot of people. So making the best of a bad situation is what we’ll do. Donating to the food bank, finding out how to support the efforts of the Greenwood Coalition , supporting local outreach events, these are all ways to pay it forward which in a way is giving thanks.

Oh and we’re happy here at S.C. if you can donate some of your time to our organization as a way of paying it forward. We need you! Our membership needs a volunteer coordinator. That’s someone who will connect members to a number of activities that we will have organized. If that sounds like something you’d like to do to activate all those sustainable peeps out there, you’re hired! ( well we can’t really pay you except for providing awesome experiences:)

We’re also starting to plan for….wait for it…a virtual AGM! Should be interesting but hey, everyone is doing it.

We will all be experts at ‘zooming’ when this pandemic is done.

Wishing you all health, happiness and a sustainable future and remember , you are the change.

Best ,