Hey Sustainable Peeps!

I hope you’re all doing well in this ‘Bizarro World.’

I, like many of you, went through a grieving period that was not fun! I know other people have too. Just missing connections and physical contact, and conversations with loved ones, even just seeing them i.r.l. (in real life). I was sad, frustrated, angry, and fed up! I actually felt a kind of physical ache by not being with the people I love and care about.

But coming out of that, I realized that this isolation allowed us to wake up to the ways we can change.

In the May 19, 2020 edition of the publication ‘Nature,’ it reported daily Greenhouse gases went down by, from 11 to 25 %! That is just crazy! Who would ever have thought that we, each of us, by isolating and distancing and staying at home could have made such a huge environmental impact? But there you go! It’s what we at Sustainable Cobourg believe, “We are the change!”

It was an awakening that we are capable of making small changes that have a significant impact for good.
But it’s just the beginning. Lots of organizations are discussing how to move, post-pandemic, to ‘new green recovery.’ What if we go further? What if we collapse the insane devotion to GDP and the crippling methods of industrialized agriculture. What if we develop a symbiosis among Planet and People and Profit?
It’s already being done by multi-million dollar corporations like ACCIONA.

We can mobilize towards creating a future that is in balance by protecting first and foremost, this planet, our home. By creating an embedded culture of social responsibility that embodies justice and equality and, by creating a resilient economy where a living wage is a given and the 1% where almost all wealth resides now, changes to a more balanced and equal distribution. This is what a sustainable world would look like.

This is what a sustainable world would look like. That is the world that the United Nations envisaged when they created the Sustainability Goals for 2030. That’s only 10 more years! If we have made these incredible changes to keep us safe from COVID-19, we can also make the changes to create a sustainable future!

Be well and remember that no change for good is too small.