Hey, Sustainable Peeps!

I hope everyone is doing well, both physically and emotionally. It has been an emotionally demanding week for many of us.
One of the things that appear over and over again in our human dramas is the importance of our responsibility for maintaining and creating balance. That is that social responsibility, ( i.ow. social justice, equity) is integral to a culture of sustainability.

The view that environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic resilience need to be in balance for life to continue in a sustainable ( that means for the next 7 generations as stated by our indigenous teachers) is also ensconced in the United Nations 2030 sustainability goals! So this is the vision we need to figure out how to support on an individual basis!

united nations sustainable development goals poster

Many of you did that in the ‘Black Lives Matter’ March in Cobourg. Participation like that shows an ‘esprit de corps’ uniting energy that makes a social and political statement. And that uniting energy is powerful.

The situation with the farmers’ markets needs this uniting energy as well for the farmers to be able to continue. They are definitely an essential service! Our unusual restrictions in this time of crisis have also unbalanced our relationship with them. However, other Farmers Markets are adjusting, and ours will work as well. We can make a difference to our food supply chain, to food security, to our health, to our local farmers’ ability to continue providing for us and to the balance needed for survival.

All we need is to show them our support.

I hope to see many of you tomorrow and try, if possible, to limit your plastic bags.

I know you do your best!