Imagine for a minute, a world where the balance among ‘Planet, People, and Profit’ as described by John Elkington almost 30 years ago, was a reality. A SUSTAINABLE WORLD!

As a species, that balance needs to be our goal, if we are to survive with an ‘intact planet,’ into the next century.

Triple Bottom Line 3P Formulation

According to writers like Naomi Klein, the belief, established more than three centuries ago, is that the planet was a medium from which to extract resources for profit. The hundreds of scientists who write for the United Nations, International Panel on Climate Change, have created such an imbalance as to have created a ‘tipping point’ that will cause irreversible damage to the planet and all life on it.

But wait! I was hoping you could learn about a company, ACCIONA, that has and is demonstrating how to achieve this lost balance. “Business as Unusual” is their motto, and that is just what we need.

This model, employing the Principles of Sustainability, works! It works well! Let their work stand out as an example of how we can proceed, to be ‘of benefit’ for the planet, for the people and profit.

Time to be the change and save the world!