Hey Sustainable Peeps! Hope you’re all doing well and weathering this ‘storm’ ! This pandemic is crushing to many and I, like you, am doing everything necessary to stay healthy.

This may be a good time to check out the REKO circle on Facebook and order from our local REKO farmers. You order on the FB section for the items that are on offer and you have various ways of paying. Then you go to the Habitat for Humanity parking lot on Division street, and Bam! your items are ready to pick up. You order the week before the delivery date which for this month is tomorrow.

Market and Smore is also preparing orders for pick up. This is a local green grocer on King Street, that we have been wanting for years and we are so happy with their care and commitment to sustainability!

Red Tractor Farm and Market on County Road 2 , just before Grafton, is also a great source of local, organic ( I’m not sure if they’re certified) produce and I think eggs too. They also take orders through Facebook.

So we have options for getting local, healthy food and I’m sure the Food Bank wouldn’t mind some donations.

I am a strong believer that food is medicine ( nutritious food with no pesticides, of course). This is also a time where rushing to make meals isn’t the usual daily headache! We can spend that extra time with kids, grandkids, preparing yummy soups, or as I did recently, make homemade apple sauce to go with well, anything. And you all know by now my obsession with SOURDOUGH!

This is certainly not the best of times, but we can take this forced change in our routines and create ways of doing things the will benefit us, our local farmers and businesses and our environment.

I know the ground may still be hard after what seemed like a winter that would never end, but ITS SPRING! So time to get out the rake, plant some seeds and plan our gardens whether our own or in a Community Garden.

There’s so much more…but you’ll have to wait till next week!

Warmly, Gigi

President, Sustainable Cobourg