Hey Sustainable Peeps!

Can you feel it? The energy is so different. We’re coming out of hibernation at last. And so much to do and tell you about.

First off, we had an amazing event on Thursday, March 5 at Venture 13 with our Lead, Jonathan Brown. Well, truth be told, it was a family affair cause his wife Bettina and grandson were involved too, and about 60 Cobourg High School students! The panellists were amazing and the speaker, a former Google A.I. Researcher, Dr. Jack Poulson, addressed the students to challenge them to think critically about the benefits and trade-offs using A.I. -enabled Geographical Information Services(GIS). This was followed by an interactive session with panellists and audience members addressing 5 questions. Super interesting and sometimes shocking answers! Are you sorry you missed it?

So, next Wednesday, March 11 ( yes Wednesday, not Tuesday as it was last month) from 7:00 to 8:30 PM come and bring a mug, for our second SOS ( Sustainability Outreach Social) in the kitchen ( where else) of Venture 13 at 739 D’Arcy St. Cobourg, K9A OH6. We’ll have so much to talk about like maybe cycling, or healthy eating, or living an active life as a senior. Who knows!

And even though our NEW website isn’t quite done, it is up and I would love to get your feedback. Send to gludorfweaver@sustainablecobourg.ca

So much more to tell you…but you’ll have to wait till next week.

We are the change!