Hey Sustainable Peeps, Happy Tuesday!

Can you believe February is almost over? What a busy and exciting month for us at S.C.! We’re working to get our new website finished and we’re almost there thanks to Adam of Cats Media. We’re also busy supporting our community, which is our sustainability community that has no boundaries. We are so grateful to Carlos Del Junco for his super performance that also provided some funds for us and 2 other organizations doing work to bring a lens of sustainability to our actions to address climate change. Speaking of which, were any of you able to drop in at the Repair Cafe at St. John’s church in Port Hope on Saturday? It was amazing! And Penny Nutbrown, the organizer, is going to have another one in August. So don’t throw anything out!

There’s also a Seniors Active Living Fair this Thursday February 27 at the YMCA , 339 Elgin St. Cobourg. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO HELP ME AT THIS EVENT, that would be so welcome. Just email me; gludorfweaver@sustainablecobourg.ca.

So hope you’re getting your tips for living sustainably in your Lakefront newsletter. Those are provided to you by Warren McCarthy our Eco-Action lead. He’s hoping to have something on the Town’s website soon.

Never ever think that you don’t make a difference. Every time you repair an appliance, or mend a sock, or bring your own reusable bags to the grocery store, you are making a difference. Oh, on that note, check out the eco-friendly products at Twice as Nice on King St. in Cobourg.

Well, there’s so much more…but you‘ll have to wait till next week.

We are the change!