Good morning Sustainable Peeps, here’s some exciting news!

Last year I was approached by Ryan Sissons, who is the co-ordinator of the Community-Based Research Program at Trent University. He had heard about our organization and the project I had submitted and offered us a field placement for fourth-year students in Political Studies/ Public Policy.

Our organization’s focus last year was on Waste Diversion / Management and I was particularly concerned about the problems that inconsistent practices were creating for the school board.

We were thrilled with the Environmental Club students at Cobourg Collegiate Institute’s drive to educate about waste management and of course, they won our prestigious Student Sustainability Award for their project.

But after listening to them, it became clear that there was another problem, besides creating awareness and commitment from the students, to achieving success in waste reduction.

So I created a research project proposal that would find out what these problems and barriers were, focussing on the inevitable connection of waste management practices and their connection to Greenhouse Gas production and the Climate Crisis.

So we have 3 fourth-year students working on this project #4890, and they intend to have initial research ready for April. They are also interested in continuing the research and developing the project into the next academic year and their professor is in support of this expansion of the project!

The Sustainability Conference scheduled for this coming November will provide them with a platform to report on their research. So exciting!

So there’s more but you’ll have to wait till next week.

Sending warmest regards to you all.