This is going to be an incredible year, no, an incredible decade! I can feel it.

So here’s what’s been going on. Sustainable Cobourg executive, as well as volunteers, met at my house for our Planning Session and a Potluck early January! Great combo. We were focused on how to reshape the organization to better include all of YOU. So come out to our FIRST Sustainability Outreach Social at Venture 13 on D’Arcy right across from our beautiful Community Centre on Tuesday, February 11 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Bring a mug! Whether or not you’re a member, doesn’t matter. If you’re not, maybe make a pay what you can donation…totally up to you.

We’ll have some coffee/tea and just talk and connect and chat about things you are doing or want to do or wish you could do to be sustainable because that’s what’s going to change the world!

Speaking of changing the world…hope some of you were able to make the concert last Saturday with Carlos del Junco and the Blues Mongrels. Carlos wanted to host a fundraiser for the organizations in Port Hope and Cobourg that are working to bring about the changes needed to deal with the effects of Climate Change on our world. So Claire Holloway Wadhwani who’s working with others in ‘Port Hope for the Future ‘, Diane Taylor of ‘Friday’s For Future’ and Tom Shea of Blue Dot Northumberland and Dan Fraleigh of The Port Hope Working Group on Environmental Sustainability, and me for Sustainable Cobourg had a platform to send our message of what we are doing to bring about the changes in attitudes and behaviours and understanding to deal with and mitigate the effects of Climate Change through sustainable ways of living.

So one of those ways is to repair your broken whatever and you can do that by bringing it to St. John’s Church in Port Hope on February 22 from 10:00 a.m. Penny Nutbrown whom I met at the AWESOME Fest in Port Hope is the organizer along with Claire of Port Hope for Future.

Don’t forget about SC’s Bicycle Action Committee that also helps to run Cycle Transitions at 390 King St. W. Here’s where the Sweat Equity Program can earn you a bike! Plus there’s a parts shop that’s affordable, and you can learn about bike maintenance from an expert! Spring is just around the corner and you know cycling is better for you and the planet, right! So drop in to the shop on Monday or Wednesday from 6:30 -9:00 p.m. and pretty soon on Saturday mornings. Give them a call at 289-251-8895.

So much more but you’ll have to wait till next week!

We are the change!



President Sustainable Cobourg