Agenda for SC’s AGM Monday November 18/19

  1. Welcome/Introductions – G. Ludorf-Weaver, President
  2. Approval of Agenda – GLW
  3. Approval of 2018 AGM Minutes – GLW
  4. Approval of 2018 Treasurer’s Report – Ellen Abramczyk (motion to approve)
  5. REPORTS: President’s – GLW

                             Bicycle Action Committee – Winston Emery (chair)

                             Food Action Committee – Jonathan Brown (chair)

                             Eco Action Committee – Warren McCarthy (chair)

                             Financial 2019 – Ellen Abramczyk (Treasurer)

                             Liaison – Judy Smith- (Northumberland Environmental Officer)

                             Youth Ambassador – Jenna Martinello (CCI student)

6. Nominations/Voting  for Board Positions – V.P. , Secretary

7. New Business

8. Reminder to renew Memberships

9. Adjourn

10. Next AGM – Friday November 6, 2020

The AGM will begin after the presentation by Jeremey Clarke and a brief intermission.





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