Hey Sustainable Peeps!

So here’s a thought! How about a conference next year called ‘Vision 2020/Sustainability ‘ . Get it? I know kind of hokey but good right?

I’m trying to organize this and would love some help! I’m hoping Town , well, heck the whole of Northumberland County will get on board.

So if you want to participate contact me. We need ideas for speakers, advertising, promotion you name it.

It is the right time to come together about creating a Sustainable Vision for where we live.

I’m going to start by doing a ‘survey ‘ and would love some help with that.

So all you Sustainable Peeps, let’s do this!

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1 Response to Hey Sustainable Peeps!

  1. Gillisn says:

    Let’s ban single use plastic bags in the whole of Cobourg!!


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