“There’s no place like home.”

We don’t have Dorothy’s ruby slippers to tap as we recite these words that will bring us to that place of familiarity, security and love that these words invoke for many of us. But ‘our home’ is in my opinion, just as magical and wonderful a place as any imaginary one. Many of its inhabitants have been lost in the chaos that destroys all of those elements. These include not just our own species.

We are at a new Age, the age of anthropogenic, or human influence on the transformation of the Earth, our one and only home.

This anthropogenic effect has however been shown to have unbalanced the rhythms of the systems that have been managing and controlling life’s ability to exist here. We are seeing and hearing the death throes of thousands of species. Including our own.

But there is also a call to action to STOP specific causes to this deterioration of our home. The universal cry to end the use of single use plastics is one we can all hear and understand AND do something about!

So this Earth Day, besides doing your bit to clean up, please, change this destructive practice by promising me, yourself, your family, you will NOT purchase single use plastic ever again and educate those who do about the consequences! No more plastic water bottles! No more plastic bags! No more grocery stores wrapping veggies in plastic! No more plastic wraps to preserve leftovers! There are Planet friendly alternatives to each and every one of these!

Promise me! Please. Thanks .

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