Okay, if you’ve never seen ‘Jerry McGuire’ then this may not resonate with you! But its true none the less. Sustainable Cobourg can’t reach its potential without you, our members and supporters! Our Bicycle Action Committee has, from Day One, been the standard that we aspired to have our other committees achieve. They have demonstrated what ‘people power’ and persistence can accomplish for the cycling community in Cobourg. We need our members and supporters who want to make a difference and can give an hour of their time once a month for 10 months to get in the game. Our Committee chairs and our Board of Directors are often the only individuals making ‘sustainability’ a principle in thinking about FOOD, TOWN PLANNING, and THE ENVIRONMENT to the larger public, on behalf of our organization, by organizing presentations, speakers, activities, radio interviews, questionnaires, surveys, newspaper articles, and taking part in events. We need your help! Even if you can only participate as a volunteer for a specific project/initiative, that alone would be an incredible help to us. We are so beholden to you for your support and if you can, please become as involved as your time allows. Our projects for 2018 will be decided on soon, so if you have any ideas, tell us! We can make such a positive impact together. See you at the AGM on Thursday November 2, at the CCC at 6:00pm.