So, I know previously I wrote that the AGM was going to be on October 28th but its not anymore. And there’s a very good reason! We really, really hope you’ll come to the AGM on Thursday November 2nd at the Cobourg Community Centre, The Cameco Room, at 6:00p.m. because after the business part of the AGM, we are going to have a very informative presentation about what a ‘Passive House’ is and why its the way to build better and smarter.

Also I’m hoping to introduce you to our Corporate members so you get to know them and what they do and why they are so important in helping create a culture of Sustainability.

Its membership renewal time as well and we hope you’ll bring along a friend to get them to join. Also see what committees strike your fancy. We are always looking for members to join in on various initiatives. Like the one the eco-action committee is working on which has to do with making a presentation to KPRDSB about waste! Zero waste is a goal we hope to achieve really soon. Northumberland will be getting composting bins in the next year and that will be a big step. Surrounding municipalities have had them for some time.

We’re so lucky to have Judy Smith Torrie chairing that committee. Send us your thoughts.

We’ll be sending you an evite for the AGM in the next week.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Weekend. We are so fortunate to be living in this beautiful part of the world. So much to be grateful for, right?