We are delighted to welcome MASS Environmental as well as Cycle Transitions to our organization.

MASS Environmental is new in Cobourg and after Jayne and I met with them we were so impressed that they shared our passion for sustainability. Since Sustainable Cobourg will be focusing on  promoting the concept of Zero Waste (Bill 151) they are the perfect Corporate members to help us in this campaign. They will be the presenters at our October AGM so don’t miss it! http://www.massenv.com/

Cycle Transitions has been around for about 5 years and we know this because they are our neighbours at 739 D’Arcy! They are very familiar faces as many have been and some still are members of our Bicycle Action Committee. We couldn’t be happier to have them next door providing support, advice and skills in bicycle maintenance. They make Active Transportation through safe cycling accessible to anybody who has an interest. And buying a reconditioned bike helps divert from landfill and is MUCH less expensive than buying from a sports shop. Plus their Tee shirts and water bottles are really cool. http://www.cycletransitions.org/