In lieu of a blog, I wanted to share the following poem with you:


The terrifying landscape unfolds.
The roads, like snakes, wind and slither,
They consume whatever is in their way. 
What once was beautiful, bucolic, is blackened, hardened.
All beauty gone.
And no one looks any more.
The creatures that ruled here are now deposed,
Their homes eradicated with no passage to somewhere new.
Migration paths are obstructed, obliterated.
There is movement in and out, to and fro,
But the rhythm is unnatural.
The bones of long dead species transformed over millennia,
Power this movement, and are used up!
They change the air so the breath we take now
Is dense with particles that harm our mother and us.
The heavens cannot protect us.
Those holy spirits there need to breathe too.
They count the fallen angels.
There are more and more.
We are both creators and destroyers of worlds.
Are we still learning the difference?
Can we be landscape artists?


G. Ludorf-Weaver
President, Sustainable Cobourg

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein
Time to RETHINK!