From The Loft at Harden & Huyse Newsletter, Nov. 3/16:

A collaborative community film project
Meeting Place Organic Film – Documentary – Filmmakers will attend and participate in Q&A
A film about how one couple built a sustainable, organic and ecologically diverse farm in a world bent on industrial agriculture and monocropping. Local, organic, and sustainable are words we associate with food production today, but 40 years ago, when Fran and Tony McQuail started farming in Southwestern Ontario, they were barely spoken. Since 1973, the McQuails have been helping to build the organic farming community and support the next generation of organic farmers. This is a documentary about the McQuails that explores the very real ways their farm has contributed to the long term ecological viability of agriculture in Ontario. It is a call to action for all those who believe there is a better way to take care of our planet and feed the world.

Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets $10 at the door.