The 2014 Cobourg Municipal Election Candidates recently responded to our Sustainability Questionnaire, answering questions about what sustainability means to them and how they would ensure sustainability issues are addressed during their term and beyond. Click the corresponding names below to see their individual responses.

*Note: The responses have been edited to ensure a consistent format, where possible.

Mayoral Candidates:

Gil Brocanier
Don Kirkup
Miriam Mutton

Deputy Mayoral Candidates:

John Henderson
Paul Pagnuelo
Donna Todd

Councillor Candidates:

Aaron Burchat
Brian Darling
Wayne DeVeau
John Lee
Gudrun Ludorf-Weaver
Debra McCarthy
Theresa Rickerby
Forrest Rowden
Larry Sherwin

Councillor Candidates who did not respond by deadline:

Dave Black
Bruce Penning
Johnny Percolides

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