Are you concerned about:

  • the effects of climate change and its impact on how we live and get around;
  • the impact of pollution of our air, soil and water on our health and well-being;
  • the disappearance of agricultural land to housing and industrial production which compromises our local way of life and our food supply?

Sustainable Cobourg is asking candidates for municipal office where they stand on these real life issues.

Do you want a Municipal Council that will:

  • carefully manage development that respects the town’s urban and rural heritage;
  • promote local food production;
  • develop and implement plans for more active transportation – cycling and walking.
  • develop strong policies that protect air, soil and water, and ensure public access to the lake, waterways and conservation areas

Follow the responses of candidates to our questions and decide which candidate you think will best ensure a sustainable future for Cobourg.

Sustainable Cobourg will post the written responses of the candidates for mayor, deputy mayor and council to questions that address the issues. We will share the results with local media.

Watch for the questions and the results on our website:

For more information you can email us at:

Click here for a PDF copy of the Media Release