Diana Storen 3 - 2014-08-27Diana Storen gave a brief presentation at a recent Sustainable Cobourg board meeting. She gave a similar presentation to Cobourg town council, who are interested in forming an ad hoc committee to look after a pilot project dealing with better waste diversion.

Cobourg does not yet have a green bin, and Northumberland County’s recycle rate is only 40%,
so there is work to be done. Diana has some great ideas about how we can recycle or upcycle many hard-to-recycle items, such as coffee pods, pens and markers, cigarette waste, and Styrofoam. One idea is to partner with Terracycle to place a number of collection bins in strategic areas.

Waste management is just another way we can help reduce Greenhouse gases, which have been shown to impact our climate system in ways that have unbalanced natural cycles causing extreme weather conditions. For example, pine beetle infestations are destroying the forests in our western provinces. So anything we can do will make a difference! Here’s a neat website to gain more insight on climate change:
Skeptical Science

If you would like more information about Diana’s pilot project you may contact her at: