(Cobourg – July 21, 2011)
Eight members of Sustainable Cobourg’s Bicycle Action Committee (see http://sustainablecobourg.ca/the-committees-of-sustainable-cobourg/) with funding from the West Northumberland Communities Safety Association is training eight instructors to offer CAN-BIKE courses to residents of Northumberland County. James Herman, national CAN-BIKE instructor is training these future instructors over three days (July 20, 21, and 22) at the St. John’s Ambulance offices in Cobourg. These future instructors will take additional training in Spring, 2012.

Once completely trained these instructors will be offering CAN-BIKE courses (see http://www.canbike.net/cca_pages/index.htm) to school students and the general public throughout Northumberland County. “Bike safety is crucial for encouraging more people to cycle. CAN-BIKE courses provide state-of-the-art training. The instructors being trained this week will enable people throughout Northumberland County to get the best bike training courses available,” says Bicycle Action Committee member Paul Mills. “The Northumberland Communities Safety Association saw the need for improving the cycling skills and knowledge of the public, and has funded these eight local trainers to take on this task.”

“Cycling offers so many benefits, both financially and to our health and environment. The Bicycle Action Committee is trying to make cycling easy and safe for everyone. Good training is a key part of this strategy,” says Sustainable Cobourg President Rick Nonnekes.